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Questions for me?

  • May 10, 2019

  • By: smartfranchisesolutions_c08kbk

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How much do your services cost? There is no cost to you for my services. Much like a real estate transaction, the seller will pay a fee. Franchise companies pay a fee if they feel you are good fit for their brand and you wish to own the business. How can a franchise consultant help me? A franchise consultant help assess your business interests and strengths. Equally Important is to consider your weaknesses or the type of work you may want to avoid. A franchise consultant can expedite the process of identifying which businesses are available in your area and also help avoid mistakes. Why does franchising make sense for me? Owning a franchise is ideal for someone who aspires to own a business but doesn’t want all the risk of being on their own. In exchange for a fee, a franchise gives you a proven model along with the ongoing training and support to help make your business successful year after year. What steps do you take to find the right business for me? The process begins with a detailed conversation about your experience and business interests. Next is a brand presentation where you consider brands that match your criteria for business ownership. Next you start a conversation with franchise brands align with your goals. If you there is mutual interest between you and a franchisor, the complete review process can take one to three months before beginning your new company. How long does the process take? Reviewing franchises can one to three months. As you move through the process, you should plan on spending at least two hours pers week on your search.


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