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  • June 14, 2019

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CITYROW offers instructor led group fitness workouts which pair high-intensity intervals of rowing with strength and mobility training for the most effective, dynamic workout on the market. The row machine is THE MOST EFFECTIVE stationary cardio machine on the market, but it needed an overhaul to make it sexy, accessible and fun for general fitness consumers. Thus, CITYROW was born. CITYROW isn’t just another workout. It’s an experience that delivers results. Rowing is the future, poised to achieve the same level of consumer adoption as spinning and running. Long favored by athletes, trainers and physical therapists, the row machine is the most effective cardio machine on the market, working 84% of the body’s muscles in every stroke with minimal impact to the joints. It’s incredibly effective, challenging AND safe for the vast majority of the population and has longevity with its practitioners. Much like spinning and running before it, consumers just need to be educated and sold on its superior benefits. CITYROW uses the WaterRower, which is the most visually appealing machine on the market. The WaterRower also provides a more fluid/organic rowing experience and is better overall for people who are non-rowers as they are significantly less jarring on the body. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate will be an individual (or husband & wife team) who recognizes the growth of the group fitness industry and wants to get involved, rollup their sleeves and really get connected to their community and drive a high level of engagement with their employees and the customers. This is a people business first and foremost. We want the franchisees to become the “mayor of fitness” in their communities with a focus on the guest experience. How Best to Present your Franchise to a Candidate: Semi-absentee model Ability to keep full-time job Manager runs studios Open multiple units Ground floor of the industry Limited, flexible time commitment Recurring revenue model Power of memberships Few employees Low investment ($214-$297K) ROI opportunity!


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