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HomeWell Senior Care

  • June 14, 2019

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The HomeWell Story Many companies have been launched by an individual with an unrelenting desire to create a new product or a service of great benefit to the world. HomeWell’s founder is one such passionate entrepreneur. HomeWells Founder, Joshua Hoffman, is driven to be in senior care because he deeply cares about helping seniors and their families obtain high quality, knowledgeable and compassionate home care. In his view of the caregiving world, based on more than twenty years in the field, HomeWell’s mission is completely dedicated to transforming the effectiveness and excellence of senior care for millions of aging people. Joshua was just 19 years old when he began his career as a nursing assistant helping seniors directly with their Activities of Daily Living. He worked tirelessly for several agencies over a half a decade, becoming not simply a trusted caregiver his clients could depend on, but also a caring companion and friend. Joshua saw himself as being the front-line soldier for his clients, always ready to perform whatever tasks would improve the quality of their lives and relieve their families and spouses of worry and concern. For Joshua, senior care giving is an honor that cannot be taken lightly.In 1996, Joshua realized it was truly time to open his own home care agency. He saw this not only as a chance to run his own business but, more importantly, as an opportunity to launch his new ideas about senior care into the marketplace. Over the course of seven years, his agency expanded multiple times in size as it garnered a reputation for being a leader in quality senior care through the use of many new strategies, standards, and systems that greatly improved the home care experience of its clients. The company’s professionalism and excellence became so well known that Joshua was frequently sought out to advise other people who wanted to open their own homecare agency. From that outpouring of interest from other entrepreneurs, HomeWell Senior Care Franchising was born in 2002. HomeWell’s goal has always been and will always be to support individuals who have a sincere desire to be in the caregiving business and who are driven to provide quality services for aging populations — either through direct services they provide themselves or by owning their own agency. Since its inception, HomeWell Senior Care is not about developing a get-rich-quick business to take advantage of a growing market. Our vision and commitment is first and foremost to identify and work with passionately motivated franchise owners who derive true pleasure and joy in assisting and contributing to quality of life and happiness of their clients and their families. HomeWell will always remain ahead of the curve in innovative solutions in caregiving. We have developed a comprehensive business model and leading-edge solutions to running a homecare agency. With more than twenty years of experience in this profession and a team of care motivated professionals, we offer insightful and comprehensive training and ongoing support that our franchisees need to both provide exceptional caregiving services and operate a successful and profitable agency. We have built a solid network of franchise offices throughout North America, each one a carefully chosen member of our organization. Our franchisees are people from all prior walks of life—and what is common among them is that each and every one of them loves helping seniors live better lives in the privacy and comfort of their own home, whether that home is their private residence, a retirement community, an assisted-living community, or skilled-nursing facility. Our franchisees also love helping each other by volunteering their success stories and offering their feedback to our community in order to continuously improve our systems. Our promise to qualified caring professionals: If you are looking to spend your days doing work that makes you feel great about life, if you love being around people and taking care of them and adding joy to their lives, and if you relish the opportunity to run your own business in the rapidly expanding field of home caregiving, HomeWell Senior Care may be the best career match you can find.


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