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Hounds Town USA

  • June 14, 2019

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Hounds Town USA is an interactive doggie daycare that also offers overnight boarding, grooming, retail products, and tail-wagging rides in their pet taxi. Founded in 2001, by a former NYPD K-9 Unit Handler and Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Police Department, Hounds Town USA offers an affordable and refreshingly simple approach to pet care. Their simple business model is based on a straightforward and honest strategy that provides their Franchise Owners with amazing returns while giving them the opportunity to spread smiles among their four-legged customers. Hounds Town USA has a significant advantage over other doggie daycare concepts due to the deep knowledge of canine psychology by their Founder. They created our facility with dogs in mind, rather than their owners. This concept has a significantly lower investment than other doggie daycare franchises with the ability to run the business as a semi-absentee owner. With amazing economics and flexible ownership options, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Canine Expertise: Years of experience and deep knowledge are their greatest competitive edge. Their “Unrivaled Canine Expert” Founder Michael S. Gould has over 35 years of direct canine experience. The Hounds Town USA leadership team also includes Marianne Carrano Desczc, Franchise Owner Training Leader, who has formal training in animal behavior as well as studying dog handling under Michael for six years. This expertise is evident at Hounds Town USA in how they’ve modeled their concept after childcare solutions rather than other doggie daycare options. Low Investment: By utilizing simple, cost-effective, and dog friendly materials, Hounds Town USA allows franchise owners to start their business for less than $200,000. This investment is significantly lower than other doggie daycare franchises in the country, allowing their owners to break even sooner and enjoy larger profit margins. Outstanding Economics: In 2017, their AUV was $733,291. That’s a 346% sales to investment ratio! Not only that, but their Item 19 shows strong year over year sales growth for each and every location. In the past four years, all units have experienced consistent growth, including units that have been in business for more than ten years. Flexible Ownership Options: Time is a finite resource and, for many people, the most precious commodity. Many of their owners are parents with young families and/or have other careers. Because of the simplicity of their business model and the minimal requirements for daily operations; most of their franchise owners operate as semi-absentee, allowing them to focus on pursuing other passions. Customizable Revenue Streams: Hounds Town USA offers up to 10 revenues streams to pad and protect their Franchise Owner’s bottom line by offering multiple customizable revenue streams. There are five main services: interactive doggie daycare, boarding, grooming, retail sales, and a pet taxi. Franchise Owners also have the option to add vet care, cat care, educational classes, mobile grooming or even expand their retail sales at each location. Ideal Candidate: The ideal franchise owner is the type of person who equates success with being a pillar within their community. Exceeding expectations (for dogs and people alike!) totally makes their day! They have an inner drive to grow their business so they can serve more dogs within their community. They might have a strong sense of family too! In fact, most of their units are family owned and operated. At Hounds Town USA it is not necessary for owners to have dog handling knowledge. Their unique methods of grouping and managing dogs are teachable and transferable to individuals with limited or no dog experience.

Hounds Town USA is looking for the following skills and characteristics in their Franchise Owners:

Business acumen

Management experience

Pet enthusiast

Strong leadership skills

Outgoing, great people skills

Passionate about providing excellent customer service

Willingness to follow a system

Community orientation


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